Runners & Coaches from around the country are taking note of YourTime+!

“If you have ever wondered how to compare a cross country time to various other performances, you will be amazed at how well On Course Rating Systems can do that for you; no more guess work, just great results. YourTime+ brings reality to times run on cross country courses of different degrees of difficulty.”

Jack Daniels, Ph.D.

“World’s Greatest Coach”, RUNNERS WORLD

“I have used On Course Rating Sytems ever since I became a head coach. There is no better way to determine the best training path forward for your cross country team.”

Todd Etters

Head Coach Men’s Cross Country Assistant Coach Track & Field Men’s Middle Distance & Distance Lehigh University

“I had the privilege of having Coach Tucker not only as my Cross Country coach, but also as my Javelin coach. His depth of training and technique knowledge is only exceeded by his enthusiasm for the sport. His wisdom will help you maximize your potential, whether you’re a scholastic competitor or simply wanting to improve your neighborhood 5k time”

Michael Keenan

Washington and Lee University 2008 Cross Country and Track Team Member Former Javelin school record holder

“I have known Coach Tucker for several years through the Virginia running community… I have followed him closely as he has developed Performance Equivalences, now known as YT+ PEQs. I have been impressed by both his passion as well as his commitment to accuracy. The results are in: this program works! It allows not only a comparison of performances at different venues, but assists in training and race preparation. Runners take your marks!”

Bob Wilder

M.D. FACSM Medical Director The Runner’s Clinic, University of Virginia Co-Editor, The Textbook of Running Medicine

“Until now, performances on one cross country course could not be objectively compared to performances on another. When I was approached about YT+ (known then as OCRS) Performance Equivalences in 2019, I was intrigued but honestly doubtful that an “apples to apples” comparison was possible. But when we applied this to our top runner, following him from Pole Green Park in Virginia all the way to Balboa Park in San Diego, CA, I was amazed how consistently accurate this information would be. My only wish was that we had this all through his career. ”

Pete O’Brien

M.D. Virginia Episcopal School Assistant Coach