Mark May Extra Mile Award

2023 YourTime+ Extra Mile Award

The YourTime+ “Extra Mile” award is to be given annually to that individual who has quietly dedicated themselves to the loving creation and meticulous care of the canvases we call cross country courses, on which precious lifetime memories are painted for the runners, coaches, and spectators who’s privilege it was to have been there.

Since 1997 YourTime+ has surveyed over 60 cross-country courses in 18 states, precision measuring over 250 miles of them, and seen almost every type of course imaginable. Each one is unique. Many of them are spectacularly beautiful. But almost all have a very noticeable characteristic, they have been lovingly and meticulously created and groomed to provide unforgettable and safe athletic experiences. The Northwest Medicine cross country course is a perfect example!

Often without notice or recognition, the unsung heroes who design, maintain, and make these great courses picture perfect and user friendly do so as a labor of love, not simply as their job. They truly go the extra mile for us. Al Edgecombe is such an individual. YourTime+ is honored to have met him and learn about his amazing role over many years in the creation, grooming, and meet management of this fabulous course.

He fully deserves and is the third recipient of this award, established to recognize the late Mark Hamilton May of Woodberry Forest School in Virginia, and his life of service to the sport of cross country. Each year, one of these unsung heroes will be recognized for their selfless contribution to all of us…… and to the greatest sport on earth!

Congratulations to the 2023 YourTime+ Extra Mile Award winner, Al Edgecombe!
Al Edgecombe (center), winner of the 2023 YourTime+ Extra Mile Award

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