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Training & Racing Advantages for Cross-Country Runners and Coaches

  YourTime+ Shows You

  • What your time would be (its Performance EQuivalent) on another YT+ certified course
  • The time you are capable of on a much more difficult course
  • Where your time places or ranks
  • If you improved
  • Your most energy-efficient pace per mile to run your best race (coming soon!)
“Things you automatically know from results in track but couldn’t know in cross-country ……… UNTIL NOW!”

The patented YourTime+ performance equivalence (peq) calculator shows runners what their cross-country performance would be, its equivalent, on another YourTime+ Certified course or track if run with equal energy in similar conditions.

Is it even possible to know what time I am capable of running on a tough course I have never seen?


The YT+ PEQ calculator shows you more than simply what a performance on one YT+ certified course would be (its equivalent) on another…… it shows you the time you are capable of running on the other course if you race with equal energy in similar conditions

Did you race on two or more YT+ certified courses in 2022? Use the PEQ calculator to see how close your time on the second course is to the PEQ from the first course.

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